Write Your Artist Bio Using Mind-Mapping

03/20/2023 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM ET




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OMAM Classroom (78 E. Granada Blvd)


In this two-hour workshop taught by M. Kathleen Warren, artists will explore writing their artist bio using a more visual approach: mind mapping. Mind mapping is especially useful to capture thoughts, see relationships, discover new perceptions, even to begin organizing ideas and words before the artist starts to write sentences.

We’ll discuss how the artist bio is different from an artist statement and then contrast the artist bio with a resume or CV. The techniques in this workshop are “analog” that is, using paper and pen rather than computer or software, and this holistic approach tends to generate “flow” for those who are more visual.

About the Instructor

Throughout her life, M. Kathleen Warren has been drawn to stories, both to the narratives within the lives of others and to unfolding visual stories in her art. She started photography in a traditional darkroom, including formal instruction and degree, and over the years she learned to use the tools of light, composition, and photo-manipulation to share her view of the world around her. In recent years, Kathleen has moved towards alternative process printing and using encaustic wax methods to combine elements into hand-crafted pieces with layers, textures, and words to expand her story-making. Kathleen has long had a love for teaching; after she retired from teaching biological sciences at the college level, she has moved into teaching art and photography-based classes. Her passion is to help students get the results they desire rather than to simply impart skills. Kathleen enjoys sharing her artwork and the narratives of her art, and she is currently represented at two Volusia County art galleries. She competes at various local and regional art shows where she has received numerous awards including best of show, and her work has been published internationally.