2-Day Colored Pencil Frog Workshop with Kathi Darby

11/14/2023 01:00 PM - 11/16/2023 03:00 PM ET


Adult Art (Tuition)


  • $66.00  -  OMAM Member Price
  • $73.00  -  Non-Member Price


OMAM (78 E. Granada Blvd)


“Look Before You Leaf”

Tuesday & Thursday, Nov. 14 & 16 @ 1:00 - 3:00 pm

In this two-day colored pencil workshop, Kathi Darby will help you take your art to a whole new level by using solvents in both your drawing and background. Used primarily for smoothing and blending, they will give your art a more polished professional look. We will also explore some different background techniques that can be used in a wide variety of colored pencil pieces on different surfaces.

Come and join us in a fun project that will add new skills to your bag of tricks! Participants are responsible for most supplies; please see the list below. This workshop is appropriate for beginner-intermediate students.


  • Duralar 9x12 double sided matte film, .005 thickness OR Grafix double sided matte drafting film, .005 thickness
  • GAMSOL or Turpenoid OMS
  • Small watercolor brush
  • Tombow Mono Zero round and Mono Zero square
  • Q-tips, tissues, cotton balls
  • Microfiber sponge (Magic Eraser or generic)

Prismacolor Premier Pencils (other brands and colors may be substituted):

  • Reds - a mix of darks and lights (crimson, poppy, scarlet lake, crimson lake)
  • Blues - a mix of medium and light shades (cerulean, cloud blue, denim, Caribbean Sea, indigo)
  • Greens - assorted medium and light shades (lime, grass, Kelly, olive, dark green)
  • Purples - dark and light (violet blue, lavender, Dahlia, dioxazine)
  • Yellows - Yellow ochre, goldenrod, lemon
  • Oranges - Spanish orange, orange, pumpkin
  • Pinks - medium and light
  • Black - two pencils
  • White
  • Assorted browns/tans


  • Pan pastels and soft pastels: blacks, blues, greens
  • Makeup sponges and sponge applicators

About the Instructor

Kathi Darby loves teaching and looks forward to exploring different styles and techniques with her students. Her teaching credentials include colored pencil classes at the Flagler County Art League, Michaels, and Arts4All Florida, in addition to leading private lessons and workshops. She has a successful pet portrait business, Pets on Paper, and accepts private commissions. Her colored pencil artwork is hanging both in both public and private collections, and has been juried into several prestigious exhibitions. Kathi is a 13-year member of the Colored Pencil Society of America. She has has served on the CPSA St. Augustine Chapter Board of the for the past three years, and is also a member of the St. Augustine Art Association. She has studied with nationally recognized artists and CPSA members, including Barbara Dahlstedt, Gemma Gylling, Denise Howard, Amy Lindenberger, and Bonnie Haney. Kathi has also worked closely with Bill Shoemaker and Hanneke Jevons, and meets with a group of colored pencil artists weekly.

"I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil or crayon and love to show the colors of the world in a new light. To me, nature and art are intertwined and I love to capture those special moments that feature the wildly diverse life around us. I am mostly self taught, but have had the privilege of working with very inspirational and talented artists who were very generous in sharing their knowledge and techniques. My work has hung in art museums, private collections, a wide variety of shows and venues and, most importantly. folks have chosen to buy my work and hang it in their own homes. It's humbling and I am very happy to have the chance to give back by allowing others to explore their inner artist. I believe everyone can create their own visions of the things they love and I would love to help on that journey."